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Machined Face Wheels

This particular category of wheel is the most challenging type to repair and unfortunately this means almost all other repairers use terrible techniques which ruin your wheels in our opinion. At the factory the face of these wheels are machined with a CNC lathe and a protective clear coat is applied. The most common technique is to grind the damaged area and paint the area silver to disguise the repair. They aren't fooling anyone with this cheap and nasty approach (see images below, believe it or not these are typical examples). Metallic silver paint looks nothing like a uniform machined metal finish and once it is done, the only option is to sandblast and remanufacture. The correct method is to re-machine with a CNC lathe to restore the diamond cut finish and clear coat the wheel to factory specification. This normally means a minimum 3-4 day turnaround. Not at Wheel Whizard. We re-machine your wheels and apply factory quality clear coat in a fraction of the time, with no compromises on quality.



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