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Quality, speed and value!

Wheels are the most exposed and neglected component on your car. They are in such close contact with the road, deal with fluctuating temperatures from braking systems, and are always covered in brake dust and other contaminants which are enemies to the application of paint. These challenges presented us with an opportunity to design a revolutionary repair process addressing these issues that the others were ignoring. After years of research and development the result is a process with zero compromises on quality, at speeds to rival the guys who cut corners. Today Wheel Whizard is a growing company, servicing a number of large prestige dealerships and smash repairers as well as private clientele.

Wheel Whizard VS 'The other guys'

Most wheel repairers are ex-spray painters or panel beaters travelling around in vans repairing wheels on-site. Whilst these qualifications prepare you with most of the skills you need to repair wheels, applying standard repair practices to wheels is so time consuming that most repairers take short cuts to make it a viable business. You also can't train a person to take pride in their work. Our hand picked technicians follow our lab tested repair process to the letter and are heavily involved in ongoing research and development.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Any good spray painter will tell you the most important step when painting a panel is cleanliness. We say "why should a wheel be any different?". Most mobile repairers take a very relaxed approach toward cleaning the wheel before repair, often painting over brake dust and delivering a finish with faults like 'fish eyes' from unremoved contamination. At Wheel Whizard we pre-clean the wheel to a level where you could eat off it. This ensures a surface free from contamination for the paint to go on and a presentable, detailed wheel that looks like new when finished.

Preparation is 'key'

The very complex shape of an alloy wheel itself is a challenge. There are many tight areas such as the lug nut recesses and the small gaps between spokes that tools and a repairers fingers won't fit. More often than not, repairers will ignore these areas during cleaning and preparation. This is where paint peeling and flaking will start weeks or months down the track. Wheel Whizard's specialised repair process addresses these areas, guaranteeing an enduring finish without flaking.

Paint in the rain? Are you insane?

Another must for a quality finish is a controlled environment. The very opposite of this is a residential yard or car park. Variables like wind, rain, dust and airborne contaminants are guaranteed to land in and adversely affect the wet paint. Your car is also at risk of overspray and preparation dust. Even if the wheels are removed and painted outside or in the back of an open van the waste spray can still travel to surrounding areas, even with a slight breeze. The answer is not a carport or shed either as this could deny the airflow needed to disperse the fumes violating OHS regulations. Any good spray painter would laugh if you asked them to paint a body panel outside a controlled environment and we feel the same way about your wheels. Our specialised repair centre contains unique equipment and a controlled environment to ensure a perfect finish.

Are you at risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals?

Most people would be shocked to learn that mobile repairers often use toxic paint products which can expose you, your family and your neighbours to hazardous chemicals. A lot of repairers will opt to use 'safer' chemicals but this comes at a huge compromise to both quality and durability. Low gloss levels and poor chemical and weather resistance are a dead giveaway that these outdated technologies have been used. Wheel Whizard only uses premium coatings delivering the same gloss levels and durability as the original factory finish.

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